Antonia's Dance Collective



Antonia White is a dancer, choreographer, instructor and model from Washington, D.C. Antonia’s first plie was at Scoot Montgomery Elementary where she was taught Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and African dance. She then joined R’Mar Dance Studio INC., at the age of 9, where she developed dance competition techniques. With R’Mar Dance Studio, Toni entered into Dance Competitions where she won platinum and gold ratings each year at various Dance competitions. Toni exhibits vibrant dance moves. Antonia continued to study her love of art at Suitland High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Program. While in the performing arts program she developed her skills in Modern dance, pointe, and choreography. 

At the age of 24, Antonia danced for a local basketball team called the DMV Warriors in which she was a Lady Warrior. Antonia's passion for dance, motivated by her obsession of visual art and music lead her to teach dance classes at Lela Belles Studio of Dance. As an instructor there, she teaches Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop, however, she doesn’t stop there. Antonia dance behind a local DMV artist named JanaeMusic. Antonia is also a part of an underground dance team for the elite only called “Team Queen P” which was founded by D.C.’s very own ‘Beat Your feet queen’, Porche Anthony. Antonia makes herself available for networking in order to accomplish her goals.


Photographer: Shaune Jones

Dancer: Antonia White